Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Tivo Quest

Armed with my Best Buy coupon, I visited the store. They had no idea what coupon I meant, did not carry the wireless adapters I would need to hook up my system to my wireless network, and didn't carry the 300 hour Humax machine. Off I went.

I next visited Circuit City. I couldn't even get a salesperson to ask! I saw one pitiful 40 hour Tivo stuck on a shelf. That was sad.

Home, I went online to search for Tivo bargains (coupons, etc.) My favorite sites, Saving Center, Current Codes, eDeal Info, and Slick pointed me to a deal on I'm a fan of Overstock. I've purchased a number of items from them and I love their $2.95 shipping.

I found a Toshiba DVR with an 80 record time that comes with Tivo FREE! No monthly fee! I couldn't believe it (sounded too good to be true, even if it was a refurbished unit). I clicked on the Live Chat and had a lengthy chat with Rick the sales guy. He guaranteed it came with Tivo or I could return the unit at their cost. If I ordered during the chat, he'd cut 10% off the price. SOLD!

Then, you'll never guess what he said... Sorry, but the computer said we had ten of these but when I ordered it, it says we are sold out.

SORRY? After all that? I ened up ordering European featherbeds and pillow sets to make me feel better (and still got the 10% discount).

Finally, my last hope... the actual TIVO website. I called and talked to a live person who knew about Tivo (isn't that amazing!?). I ordered the 300 hour Humax (top of the line) for $199 after rebate. That is several hundred dollars less than anywhere on the internet. Free shipping. And, they had the wireless adapter. By this time next week, I'll be recording!

Only problem is that there really isn't anything on TV lately that I want to see!


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