Monday, September 19, 2005

In the Beginning...

SO... this is my first actual blog, as blogs go. This isn't, in actuality, my first web journal of sorts. Of course, back then there weren't blogs, just people posting their thoughts in a journal format with guestbooks for other people to make comments. Sounds a lot like a "blog" to me.

My first pseudo-blog was about my pregnancy and childbirth experience in 1997. I chronicled my feelings and the baby's progress within me. The ultrasound photos were a big hit. I then pseudo-blogged about the childbirth (complete with photos- discretionary, of course). I found reading other women's childbirth pseudo-blogs fascinating!

I then graduated to what I called an "Electronic Baby Book" (another pseudo-blog about my son). I chronicled each month of his life with photos and interesting events. People from around the world posted to his guestbook. I thought it was wonderful and exciting. I now read how posting such information and photos is dangerous. Who knew?!

So here I am today creating a "real" blog at I've made it. Will anyone actually read this? And why?


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