Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tivo, iPod, GPS, oh my!

I consider myself a pretty techie person. As a matter of fact, I'm somewhat of a geek. I find that talking "tech" can be pretty fun (with another geek, obviously). I printed out Best Buy's newest coupon for their Tivo sale this weekend. I feel like I'm the only geek without one. I would truly benefit from having the ability to record specific shows (only reality: Survivor, Apprentice, Amazing Race...). Anyway, I hate to subscribe to yet another service. On the other hand, I can't imagine continuing the use of my old VCR. I actually have a DVD recorder, but I hate to use up a DVD-R to burn a show (that I no longer want after I watch it once) and always forget to buy a DVD-RW when I'm at the store. Anyway, I may bite the bullet this weekend... actually, I may just go to Tivo's website and order one (we geeks do a lot of shopping online).

Do I have an iPod? No! Surely I am losing my status in the geekworld. I have a simple little necklace mp3 that holds maybe 50 songs. Yes, I will buy an ipod. Perhaps with its new TV show downloads, I can kill two birds (metaphorically).

Steve Jobs' keynote was interesting. As much as I am an Apple Loyalist, I now use a Toshiba. I still have my G4 laptop and G3 tower; my 6 and 8 year old kids have inherited them. The sad thing is that my 8 year old finds the titanium G4 "too slow." I'd love to go back to Apple someday...

As for GPS, I have one! I have a Magellan Roadmate 700, one of the best portable GPS systems for driving (it's the one used in the Hertz rental cars, Neverlost systems). "Maggie" as I affectionately refer to her has navigated me to wonderful remote locations around the country. I know that I can be as adventurous as I like and she will always bring me to safety. She also is great for re-routing to avoid traffic. I don't know anyone else who has this system (except my sister who I told about it, so that doesn't count).

I am a geek ahead of the pack!


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