Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's Personal

It's gotten to be so that electronics have become so *personal*. My husband wants to buy me a Christmas present. Last year, he got me a gift card for a "Day of Beauty" (massage and facial). I loved it. Took me a year to use it, but when I did, I loved it. This year, he asked me what I want (kind of takes away the whole gift idea but I digress!). So, I tell him I would like an ipod. The look of terror on his face was palpable!

"I can't get you something like that. You have to pick it out yourself!"

It's almost as if he was talking about a purse or, something unmentionably worse.

He is kind of right (Can you tell I hate admitting that?). If he gets me the Nano, I'll have to return it. It definitely won't fit right. If he goes for the white, well... that's the wrong color. And, without the right accessories, it's simply useless!

That massage and facial are looking better and better. Maybe he'll add the waxing this time. Just nothing with bluetooth...


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