Sunday, October 15, 2006

Technology's Impact on Our Perception of Beauty

I saw this on boing boing today and had to share. This one-minute film clearly illustrates Dove's point for their campaign for real beauty. However, what it also alludes to is the impact of technology on everything, including our perception of beauty. The Photoshop editing at the end really drives home the point. All of the research that is conducted into what is deemed "beautiful" is made into reality through technology. We are aspiring to illusion. The analogy is that everyone should strive to sing like their studio-recorded mp3s. Not many would think that possible yet many in society still hold to the supermodel billboard as the goal.

I suppose we could look even further into technology's impact on the perception of beauty and conclude that our identities have no physical beauty online. Wonder if they'll develop a re-touch tool for peoples' personalities in social networking sites? Perhaps one could run a scan on blog posts to ensure they are pleasing to read? ;-)


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