Sunday, July 02, 2006

teachade (beta) launches

I've joined a new site for teachers called: teachade. I've set up a group for all of my NJCU students called "Z's Learners," (based on the name my Distance Learning students called themselves in a recent Tapped In session).

I've also set up two groups for English and Language Arts teachers (one for secondary teachers and one for elementary teachers). I will serve as a mentor for these groups. I encourage your participation: post sites, upload resources, share learning moments, invite friends, etc.

I encourage you to join these groups as well as others that are there and soon to come! You can be on the cutting edge! The beta site just launched yesterday (to be unveiled at the NECC conference on Wednesday in San Diego) and will prove to be a fertile, exciting environment for you to share knowledge and resources. It is, in essence, the "virtual place" I've often said I wish existed for teachers.

Here is the first "Learning Moment:"

Learning moment of the day
Welcome to teachade. Our mission here is to provide you with a web site that supports your professional work, and provides an engaging place to discuss teaching.

We believe that the opportunity created by new web technologies offers tremendous benefits. Uploading weblinks and sharing content among a community of like minded individuals will save time. Engaging in discussions about useful topics can support personal growth, improve the practice and benefit students. It can also be fun. Ultimately, the virtual conversation among you will change education for the better.

Use of the site and membership to teachers is free. We maintain the site through the support of commercial members who value the opportunity to participate. By the way, the "ade" in teachade stands for something: authoring, dissemination environment. In short, it is a place where you can create and share.


At 9:36 PM, Blogger laura hyde said...

Teachade sounds like a wonderful opportunity to link a variety of ed tech stakeholders from NJCU with other people that could be great resources from around the globe. Great job!


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