Tuesday, January 24, 2006


One of the best ways to keep informed of news and information on the web is to monitor many websites. I look to sites such as the NYTIMES, Tech Bargains, the TED Blog, Steven Johnson's blog, Woot, PC Magazine's New Product Reviews, and the like, to keep updated on the latest goings-on (and shopping deals). Going to each site is time-consuming (and sometimes worthless--nothing new).

The latest way to organize these sites is to create RSS "feeds" to one site. You can subscribe to as many sites as you like, and all of the new information will feed to it. One of the many sites that allow this is Bloglines. I click on it each day and see any new information. It shows a snapshot of the latest headlines within the site. Setting it up is really easy (just copy and paste the URLs into the Blog or Feed URL box and click "subscribe". You can also go through their listings and subscribe to sites as well).

So if you want to go to a blog (like this one) only when something is new, subscribe to it!


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