Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pride and Prejudice

Now I've become a movie reviewer...

What a beautiful film. In this modern world encased with technology and electronics, it was wonderful to watch landscapes, and architecture, and, particularly, language! Yes, I watched language. The words were so absolutely beautiful--cutting at times, playful at others, that I was transfixed on their mouths delivering the lines. Yes, it sounds weird; but go see the film and you'll understand.

The plot was true to Austen's original (and the characters fairly well-rounded). The "prejudice" aspect was a bit down-played in the dialogue (though quite obvious in the cinematography). Again, a feast for eyes and ears.

I attended the movie with my parish priest. We had an interesting discussion after about the theme in modern times. Seems as if nothing has changed.

Pride and Prejudice is without: epic war scenes, fighting jedis, animation, nudity, stage makeup, or loud music. How wonderful! It is a love story with a true happily ever after.


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