Wednesday, October 05, 2011

NJAET Grants and Contests

Do you know that you could win up $2000 to implement a creative educational technology project related to your curriculum? Last year three awards were made, and this year up to four grants will be awarded. The deadline is approaching, So read the Technology Project Grant Guidelines soon and get your application in no later than Sunday, November 6.

The popular six sounds contest will be repeated this year with some
new sound options. The contest will be announced at the Conference on
October 11. Participants will have a longer period of time to develop their podcasts this year since the contest deadline will be March 15th. students make a short, creative audio play that includes 6 sound effects. The contest comes with links to free audio editing software, a rubric connected to the NJCCCS, and a step-by-step tutorial. The project can be used for a variety of grades and subjects, including technology, library media programs, and language arts.

Along with 6 sounds from last year, there will be new sound sets to work with. There will be awards for various ages and in different categories. The contest is open to all classes and students from grades 3-12.

Go to the NJAET Web site to hear the winners from last year.


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